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bad news, good news, and cosplay

Posted on 2007.05.28 at 13:35
Bad news: Due to new ownership, I have to move out of here sometime within the next two months.
Good news: Today, I received the contract from Del Rey, so I can officially be signed on to the book deal for Yokaiden! I spent all of May working on the script. Right now, I'm re-writing parts of it.
Also good news: I found a five dollar bill in my pocket!

Saturnalia reader Toast did a Feight cosplay at Anime North this weekend. Thank you, Toast, for being both a dedicated fan and a delicious food item!
Feight has been cosplayed before at Ushi-Con, by someone whose name I forget. I can't remember if I've posted this picture before or not, so I'm doing it again!

Anybody else want to cosplay a character from a dead webcomic? Which reminds me, Anime Expo is coming up awfully fast.

I was considering spilling a whole bunch of SATURNALIA SECRETS, but I think I should hold on to them, just in case I ever decide to restart it for publishing purposes. Hey, it could happen!

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