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Posted on 2007.01.11 at 16:43
I'd like to thank everyone who congratulated me (which is a lot of people), even if I don't know you (which is... a lot of people). My good fortune was mentioned on digg.com: "Anime Style Simpsons artist gets hired by Matt Groening thanks to Digg" (the "Hired by Matt Groening" part is a bit of a stretch...) I do owe a lot to the power of digg.com; however, I feel it would be unfair to credit just one website. Several websites and bloggers had linked to my two pictures. I owe a lot to deviantART, too. Then there's ABC News Australia, a major news site. Hence the title of my dA journal entry, "THANK YOU INTERNET." That covers all the bases.

I won't be saying much more about my Simpsons-related job offers, because I'm sure they don't want me to blab about everything! I'm still discussing things with them. A lot of it is speculation. (And just to be clear, they didn't tell me to shut up or anything; I'm using discretion to be on the safe side. Everyone I've talked to have been very nice.)

I've been receiving even more exciting offers. I'm so busy answering e-mails, I haven't had as much time as usual to work on commissions (commissions have been closed, by the way). Rest assured, I AM still working on the ones in my queue.

I don't know if you can call this a "success story" when I haven't even done anything yet! Let's not jump to conclusions here. Just keep your fingers crossed for me.

Following the advice of my friends, I'm finally beginning to sell prints through dA. More on that later. Oh yeah, I will not be selling prints of the Simpsons or Futurama pieces because I don't want to make any profit from copyrighted characters.

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